We can instantly evolve your e-commerce experience. In this short demo video, you can see how ShopMate speeds shoppers from purchase consideration to conversion (and makes it a far more fun experience).

How ShopMate
works for you.

ShopMate FUnctionality Enables:

· Peer-to-Peer Real-Time Video Shopping
· High End Real-Time Sales Consultations
· In-Store Link to Social Networks via Mobile App*
· Connectivity between Digital and Retail Stores*
· Cloud-based Virtual Dressing Room*

  * Efforts Currently in Phase II Development

When it’s a matter of taste, customers don’t want to shop alone. They seek consensus. They seek opinions. They seek the social confidence to try out new styles. In the real world, it’s why they shop together. ShopMate digitally recreates the benefits of real-life shopping with a suite of products that brings the advice of a trusted friend to the online shopping experience.

where infographic

“Purchase confidence.” It’s that last psychological step that has to be made before a shopper can actually buy your product.

ShopMate generates that confidence via peer-to-peer engagement in a cam-based interface. Here are a few key reasons why ShopMate is critical to today’s digital retailers.

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We use social networks as channels to bring more shoppers to your door. Unlike most social commerce plays, ShopMate does this in a manner completely organic to social networks—bringing friends together to share their tastes and preferences.

Service should be
everywhere at once.

Customers want advice. And when that advice comes from a trusted source, its that much more powerful. ShopMate instantly transforms your retail offering into a service offering with peer-to-peer recommendations at the point of purchase.

of e-commerce.

Online shopping is growing exponentially. Aggregators are proliferating wildly. ShopMate allows you to instantly create brand differentiation and preference in a crowded space.

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